A new beginning.

The sun is shining and spring is digging in her toes.  It seems like all the world around me is sprouting and coming to life in so many ways.  I can’t help but be inspired by the newness of everything around me to take up some new ventures myself.

What We’ve got going on around here:

1.  The YURT!!! – We moved our 30 foot yurt to a more stable foundation last summer (sadly it was sinking where it was previously and sat unused for a few years).  It’s 706 sq feet of round perfection!  We plan on living in it, which is exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time.   I figure we have nine months to finish it up, make it warm, figure out lights, a sink and a bathroom.  That should be enough to keep us busy, right?  Well obviously not enough because I have other things in the works.

2.  The keeping of bees – A while back Mother Earth News posted an article on their facebook page about keeping bees in a top bar hive.  Not more than a few sentences into the article I determined that this was for me and currently I have two swarms of bees on order.  They should be arriving in a few weeks and I need to get ready for them ASAP!  I’m sure that the adventures in beekeeping from a complete novice’s standpoint should be chuckle worthy from time to time.

3.   Chickens, chickens and more chickens –  Oh man.. do we have chickens coming out our ears or what?  I personally, am in charge of the egg laying chickens.  For the moment we have either seven or eight.  Bjork our free chicken from the hatchery is a mystery to us and we won’t know for a bit longer if she’s a hen or a roo.  If a hen, she’s a layer.. if roo then he’s dinner.  Heck, we can’t even fully determine what breed of chicken he/she is yet.

My ever industrious husband is in charge of the meat chickens.  At the moment we have I think 23 Dark Cornish teenagers and on Wednesday 25 day old Dark Cornish will be sent to us.  He is completely in charge of all things meat chicken.  I do hope to help him out with it, but my only experience plucking a turkey was so gross that I may be scarred for life.  Time will tell.

4.  Gardening with kids and fighting the weeds – I’ve never once in my life been accused of having a green thumb.  In fact the only thing that I’ve been able to grow in my time on this land with any reasonable success is grass (not the fun kind) and weeds (also not the fun kind).  Everything else has been choked out by grass and weeds and died a horrible death.  My plan this year is to change all of that and have a reasonably successful garden.

Part of me dreams of growing all of the produce that my family eats for at least part of the year, but that is the same person that I imagine is working out daily and gets done everything that she sets out to do on a daily basis.  I have not met that woman yet, but I suspect that I will one day.

5.   Outdoor kitchen with a cob oven and bench ~I dream of having a grand bee hive shaped cob oven that has a few benches attached to it that have different views and windbreaks and allow for leisurely sitting and viewing as we do our weekly baking no matter the weather.  We’ll have a covered table to eat our meals al fresco, do our canning and brewing at, I can use this space for dyeing when the mood suits me.  It’s going to be amazing.   I have the most sincerest hopes that we can at least get it started this summer, but the main priority is getting the yurt snug and warm for winter so the cob oven and outdoor kitchen may have to wait.

That’s what is going on here amid the busy daily life of homeschooling one awesome eight year old, releasing the very cool ten-year old out into the world of public school and trying to keep up with an extremely opinionated and sneaky two and a half-year old.   We have our hands full and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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