A sunny afternoon.

Garden Coop in the sun.

It’s spring break here, and we’ve only had one afternoon of sun.  We decided the chickens should get a chance to play outside and a few of them took us up on it.  In fact, some of the smaller chicks escaped and we had to chase them to put them back inside.  The kids thought this was a hoot, naturally.

Bjork and Joan Jett checking out the sunny patch.

Layer Gaga thinking about coming outside.

Ethan, our ten-and-three-quarters old, helped on the coop as he desired and is very proud of our hard work.

Carter, our eight year-old, making sure predators can't get in the coop. He's very attached to the chickens and worries about their safety.

Bodhi, our two-and-a-half-year-old, loves the chickens and wants to check on them as often as possible.


8 Comments on “A sunny afternoon.”

  1. Love the photos of the kids!

  2. Hi – had to come over for a visit. Love your henhouse. Hens are great fun, excpet when they get into the veg patch. We don’t have predators on the island so they are rarely shut in. x

    • Jacqui, Thanks for stopping by! Also, thank you for the hen-house love. I do so wish that my girls could roam free, but our last batch that we free ranged couldn’t outlive their foes. Between the coyotes, raccoons and bald eagles.. well I guess they don’t stand a chance.

  3. barefootnmama says:

    Everyone looks so happy..LOVE IT!!! Your blog is fabulous! So glad to have found you:)) Have a great weekend! ~B

  4. i love the photo captions- all of your children so dedicated and proud of their chickens!

  5. caseytopia says:

    Lol! Layer Gaga. Loves it!

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