top bar hive progress

The weather was beautiful yesterday.  While the kids ate Popsicles and read Calvin and Hobbs in the hammock, I worked on the beehives.  My goal for the day was to drill the holes for the entrances and get the bodies stained.

One of the top bar hive bodies.

Drilling the holes proved to be harder than I had expected. I have never used a spade drill bit before and they are kind of tricky.  My wrist still hurts a bit from the drill going crazy out of control a few times.  I got the first hive completed on my own and Frank helped me with the second when he got home from work.  They are both stained (and drilled) and ready for the next step of securing the screen to the bottom.


The plans for the hive are graciously posted on the net for free by Philip Chandler, author of  The Barefoot Beekeeper.  This book is the one that I have read the most in preparing for my bees.  I’ve read others, but I keep coming back to this one.  I appreciate his approach to keeping bees.  Philip’s low intervention style resonates with how I try to live all of my life.  I appreciate the notion that bees will naturally do what they need to in order to survive.  If they are given the environment that they need to do their job, they will be healthiest.  Makes sense to me!

Beehive by the river.

I imagine that I may not break any records in my honey crops by keeping bees this way, but I’m alright with that.  I hope one day to only eat honey that my bees produced.  I’m not sure how long it will be until I’m self-sustained in the honey department.  My guess would be a couple of years.

Hopefully,  my bees will like their new home and think that I do a sufficient enough job of leaving them alone that they will want to stay a while.


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