Dandelion Jelly

Every year it is my intention to make Dandelion jelly with the kids.  Most years it happens, but sometimes not.  This year we did it and with the first sunshine yellow blooms of the year I might add!

Our recipe came from Simply Canning. We used 3 cups of sugar instead of 4.5 and also subbed in a no-sugar-needed pectin.

It tastes like jellied sunshine would if you could eat it.  I’m sure of it!


I was going to end here but the amazing Barefoot Mama over at Barefoot Five had a great post today about beneficial weeds and I thought you might want to check it out.


13 Comments on “Dandelion Jelly”

  1. andi says:

    IF you could eat it…. or …. if YOU could eat it?

  2. barefootnmama says:

    Awww..thanks!!! I can’t wait to check out your recipe:))

  3. michelle gd says:

    what a lovely thought…jellied sunshine!

  4. Vanessa says:

    I finally made mine. Thanks for the good advice using low sugar pectin and 3 c sugar. It’s sooo delicious!! Thick like it should be too. (mine turned out very runny last year)

    • Awesome Vanessa! I’m glad yours turned out. Mine was runny last year as well, this year it’s perfect. I can’t even imagine it with another cup and a half of sugar. Yikes. If you need any more dandelions, you know where I live. 😉

  5. Wow, I never knew this even existed. It’s beautiful. I have to tell my hubbers all about it in the morning! Amazing!

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