The lessons of the hives.

My goodness this was a busy weekend!

My mother came up for the weekend to celebrate her birthday and the weather was beautiful.  We were outside nearly the entire time enjoying the sun and being busy little bees…. and getting ready for the bees.

Again, much work was done on the bee hives.  They are nearing completion.  I’ve been Madame Foreperson on this job and I have to say, building things with wood when you don’t have previous experience, is hard.  I have very little experience with  power tools and  I spent a good deal of the weekend bouncing from elation  for figuring out how to do something, to tears when I realized it was wrong, to frustration at my husband for knowing these things and having them come easily to him.

PSA:  If you have kids and plan on teaching your boys how to use tools and build things, for the love of Pete, teach your daughters as well!   Nothing sucks worse than wanting to know how to do something that should be relatively simple and not knowing how because no one ever taught you.  You know my boys know how to cook and clean and make things pretty.. now I’m on a new mission to learn all things handy and builderly to teach them to my daughter!

I have nothing but gratitude for my husband for being patient with me while I made him teach me how to make the hives instead of doing them himself.  I’m certain they would be done right now if it wasn’t for my learning curve, but the journey is the most important part… and this has been quite a journey.

I’m certain that when the time comes for me to need more hives that I’ll be able to make them on my own.  I didn’t have that certainty a few weeks ago when this started so I know that while this has been a harder than I would have liked, it was all worth it.  Mommy temper tantrums excluded.


8 Comments on “The lessons of the hives.”

  1. Jenn says:

    Carpentry is an excellent skill to have…and honestly, once you figure out the “nuts and bolts” of it, it gets easier, even enjoyable! My biggest problem when I take it upon myself to build something is math. More often than not I fail to “measure twice, cut once” and end up going through more wood than I should.

    Carpentry, basic plumbing work and some simple car repairs are a MUST for women in today’s society! I am absolutely shocked at how many women don’t know how to change a tire. My daughter is 11 and I’ve already made sure she can change a tire AND change the oil in a car. There will be no stranded on the side of the road due to a flat and waiting for help to arrive for her. No way!

    • So true Jenn! It’s so important to know these things. I’m so lucky to have a knowledgeable do it yourself husband that has all kinds of skills. Even luckier, he’s helping me learn. I may be learning late, but that’s so much better than not learning at all! All of our kids are going to learn how to take care of these types of things.

  2. The hives are awesome and I’m glad your taking charge of this project!

  3. keileigh says:

    Good for you for taking on the challenge! I love learning new skills like that, even though like you, I have a very handy husband. Power tools still intimidate me a little, but I’m forcing myself to use them so that I’ll eventually get comfortable with them. The hives look great, and how satisfying to know that you made them yourself!

    • Thank you Keileigh! My husband is very handy and while it is easier to just let him do it, I like to be handy as well. Just think of all the things we can accomplish when I get up to speed with those power tools! Isn’t it the most empowering thing when you overcome obstacles to accomplish what you couldn’t before? I love it!

  4. all the best to you and the hives! what a great family project!
    i agree with you about teaching boys and girls anything they might need in the future and not leaving part of life’s education out based on their gender.

    • Thanks Simona! Our family is excited about the bees. They are coming next Sunday and we are on pins and needles. Here’s hoping we’ll be ready for them both physically and mentally! Right now I’m pretty nervous, but I hear that’s to be expected. 🙂

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