Guest Post – Lies they’ll tell you

I’m happy to have Andrew from Andhedrew write this guest post today.  He has an impressively fresh look on ‘changing the world by changing yourself’.  You’ll want to download his free manifesto ‘Slapping Yourself Upside the Head‘.  You’ll be inspired to dive right in to your dreams when you’re finished.

Enjoy your inspiration.

 See you tomorrow!


Lies they’ll tell you


Lie: “You have to live life my way, or you’re at risk…and just plan stupid.”

Truth: You don’t have to settle for an ordinary life. You don’t have to buy into whatever our society says is normal. They think it’s in their best interest to keep you scared, so you won’t challenge authority, and you’ll quietly be mediocre your whole life. They want this because scared people don’t end up challenging the powers, scared people accept less pay for turning our more widgets in an assembly line; scared people are content with living in a little box and never stepping outside of it.

They’ll tell you it’s responsible to be ordinary.

They’ll tell you it’s safe to be ordinary.

They’re right – doing something extraordinary is a risk, but would you rather fail a few times on the road to something incredible and adventurous, or be a drone your whole life?

Lie: “They’re just lucky.”

Truth: People create their extraordinary lives, brick by brick. They rarely have everything handed to them on the proverbial silver platter, and in those few instances they do they do a pretty good job of ruining their lives if they don’t have the character to handle the money or the fame.

You get to make the decisions: are you going to live your life hoping to be lucky, or do you want to commit to creating your own luck?

Lie: “Happiness comes from having more stuff.”

Truth: The inverse is more often true. Buying something new makes you happy short-term, the same way that an ice cream sundae makes you happy: but like the ice cream sundae, you have to keep consuming to keep the thrill going. You also have to escalate: buy bigger and better stuff to maintain the same buzz. No, there’s no long-term happiness to be had from the constant acquisition of stuff, only a shopping addiction and a messy house. Cast it off and embrace what’s really important: human relationships, spiritual connection, and making beauty to share with the world.

Lie: “You’re the only one who wants to be different.”

Truth: You can always find people like you, people who don’t want to take life for granted, people who like talking about obscure Russian poetry, people who won’t tolerate the lies, let alone believe them. Seek out your people. Build your support structure. You never have to be a Lone Ranger.

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If you would like some more great tips on living life on purpose and becoming the person you want to be, check out AndHeDrew’s free e-book, “Slapping Yourself Upside the Head” which you can download here:


2 Comments on “Guest Post – Lies they’ll tell you”

  1. I like this guy. I should read the manifesto sometime.

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