Chicken Tales

Here’s the scoop from the chicken coop.

Bjork, the free funky chicken, she’s a Roo.  I had originally thought that I didn’t want a rooster as I couldn’t imagine having another rooster as great as our last one.  Poseidon was a beautiful gentle rooster.

It would appear that I’m changing my mind.  Bjork can stay as long as he’s cool.  The name however, had to go.  We tried on Frank Zappa or Zappa.  It just didn’t stick.  Bjork is pretty tough and seems to run the yard even when Frank’s birds wander over.  During a tough male rocker brainstorming session one of us kicked out Henry Rollins and that sounded like a keeper.  It has since morphed into Henry Rooster.

May he be as friendly and as beautiful as the magnificent Poseidon.

 The meat birds are a trespassing nuisance.  Within hours of propping open the layer coop door, the meat birds have scared of the layers, filled their coop, eaten all of the feed and have forgotten how to exit the premises.  Every single time I have to catch them and help them out the door.  Every time they freak out.  It’s great fun.

We are working on moving the chicken tractor farther away so hopefully this ceases to be a problem.

Apollo likes to stalk the meat birds.  So far, he’s not been able to catch any.  I guess those birds are really lucky that this is the most uncoordinated cat that ever roamed the planet.  He’s flippin’ adorable, but the worst hunter ever.


For the most part that’s all that’s up with the chickens.  Frank moved his smallest meat birds to an outdoor brooder.  It’s nice to see them outside.  They are a lot more happy with grass under their feet.


5 Comments on “Chicken Tales”

  1. keileigh says:

    Gorgeous cat. Love the Apollo/Poseidon names, too. I used to name all my critters after either mythological or Shakespearean characters.

  2. I hope Henry Rooster will behave for a while 😉 I would love to have chickens one day, even if they would be as stupid as you describe them.

    • I do believe Henry will make an excellent rooster. He’s been very kind to our family so far and seems to take good care of his girls. Chickens are by far my favorite pet. I think everyone that can should keep them at least once in life. They are sweet gentle creatures and farm fresh eggs couldn’t be more delicious!

  3. sweet. i don’t have any kids or pets anymore. i’m enjoying the peace & quiet, but i still like visiting other peoples’ — thanks! 😉

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