I Am Doll Parts

It’s a dreary week in the Pacific Northwest.  We’ve been spoiled rotten with gloriously sunny and warm weekends this last month followed by grey cold weeks.  Between a relatively easy cold making its rounds, a kinked neck, and poor weather not a lot has been accomplished on the farm front.

What we have been doing is planning. I’ve made lists.  Lists of lists.  Detailed lists.  Lists with estimated completion dates.  My brain is gearing up for full-bore yurt completion mode.  There is so much to finish and like a wise friend recently reminded me a goal of  ‘finishing up the yurt’ is not specific enough.  How true, Vanessa, how true!

Carter has declared today a pajama day and I whole heartedly agree!  He will be finishing up some food chain studies, as well as working on his first commissioned art piece (more on that later).  I imagine Bodhi will join her brother in cutting, pasting and painting.  She just can’t let others do art around her without taking part.

My plan is to finish a terribly overdue gift.  One of Bodhi’s friends from preschool had a birthday a while ago and I haven’t yet finished her doll.  Since today is a pajama day it would also be a great day to catch up on this belated gift.  I do hope that Stella will enjoy her embroidered Marie Antoinette doll.   Hopefully, it won’t be considered creepy to give a doll of a decapitated monarch to a preschooler.. Hopefully.


9 Comments on “I Am Doll Parts”

  1. I think it would only be creepy if you gave her a headless Marie Antoinette doll.

  2. Jenn says:

    Oh, how I do adore pajama days! I am envious.

  3. Vanessa says:

    🙂 I agree with Frank. The doll is sweet, and I’m sure she’ll love it.
    Glad you have lots of things you can cross off your lists, it’s the best feeling. So now I’m off to make some lists myself.

    • It’s all in how you look at it right? It’s so easy to become overwhelmed when you have a monumental task ahead of you, but if look at it a different way… it’s an opportunity to accomplish greatness. 😀

      Hoping your list making is productive and inspiring!

  4. Pajama day, art projects and a kinked neck? We have a helluva lot in common — haha! Love your blog!

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