Calling in sick.

Taking a day to rest with some tea and a book.  I did my first two hive checks this weekend and have a tale to tell.  Come back tomorrow and hear all about it.

Hoping you have a fantastic Monday!

Hive Bonanza Jellybean ladies all in a row.


6 Comments on “Calling in sick.”

  1. Wow! Look how they’re all lined up in there- so cool! I can’t wait to start our bees! Hope you are feeling better soon, and thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. You’re right, it’s always nice to hear that we aren’t alone in our struggles.

    • Thanks Mandi! The bees are very cool. I keep wanting to go look at them, but that’s not the best thing for them.. so I have to wait. Very cool that you are getting bees. Can’t wait to hear about it. Is it in the plans for next year? Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I want to hear the story!

    • Ha ha! Maybe tomorrow Deborah! I was thinking my sick day would include me writing a few blog posts. All I did was sleep and watch TV with the kids. Probably what I needed. 🙂 I’ll get to writing soon, promise!

  3. wow what an incredible picture! feel better mama!

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