Let it begin.

The yurt is all I can think about at the moment.  My brain is racing through lists, and lists of lists.  We have six months of steady work ahead of us to make our round structure into a home.

The last few years it’s been a dream (and a storage unit).  It’s been a bit of a disappointment since it never did work out the first time we built it and attempted to live in it.  It’s been a weight.  Unrealized dreams always are.

The weight has been lifted, the disappointment has faded away.  We are here now and we are doing this.  Years of planning and dreaming are paying off and we are in the final phases of creating our bliss.  There is a lot of work left to do and we are up for the challenge.  You never work as hard as when you are working for yourself.

Here is the slightly prioritized to do list:

  1. Finish Tile Flooring in Center of the Yurt
  2. Make a space for the Loveable Loo ( We came up with a brilliant idea!)
  3. Finish the Insulation under the yurt and cover with chicken wire.
  4. Put skirting up around the yurt.
  5. Make prettier and safer front steps, move current steps to back door.
  6. Get electricity and lights installed.
  7. acquire 3 more cords of wood.
  8. Feather the nest with wool rugs and blankets.  Make sure everyone has everything they need for the cold months.
  9. Tighten up all of the walls and secure the roof.  Cinch the yurt as tight as possible under the deck.

I’m sure there is more to do, but this is the list we are working from at this time.  It seems completely do-able that we will get all of this completed before the cold comes back.  The list isn’t long, but then as we’ve discovered things always take at least twice as long as we expect them to.

My current goal is to get the tile flooring done before Frank’s parents visit on Memorial Day weekend.   That gives me two and a half weeks to get it done.  I know I can accomplish that, I just don’t know what else will get done during that time.

A giant floor mosaic counts a school, right?

Here is a slide show Frank made of the yurt going up last summer.



4 Comments on “Let it begin.”

  1. barefootnmama says:

    LOVE the slideshow….so cool! oh, and that most definitely counts as school!!! :))

  2. Jenn says:

    The slideshow is really cool! Make sure you keep documenting the inside too and you can turn the whole thing into a stop-motion film later. 🙂 What about the space under the yurt? Are you concerned about critters taking up residence there?

    • We plan on putting some skirting round the bottom of the yurt. The wind whips through our property and we feel the skirting will help us keep some heat in. Hopefully, critters won’t be a problem. We have four cats at the farm, perhaps I’ll toss one under the yurt every now and then to do a mouse check. 🙂

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