Farm Update

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already.  This week is flying by.  Thanks to a tummy bug taking out our youngest yesterday, I’m all kinds of behind schedule.  I’m not one for taking a change of plans lightly, but I’m working on being flexible in all areas of my life and going with the flow.

Remember that I wondered if I was putting too  much pressure on myself to get the floors done before Frank’s parents get here?   I totally was.  In the hour and half that I worked on the floor yesterday I was feeling stressed and anxious about getting the floor done ‘in time’.  Then it dawned on me that I set the schedule and that I can change it.

It’s a beautiful floor and will bring us years of joy.  I certainly don’t want to taint the beauty by freaking out about getting it done.   So I’m just going to do my best to get it done in a timely manner.  I pledge to enjoy the experience and include the family in the project.  It will be worth so much more then.

Floor mosaic progress, such as it is.

A while ago I saw this great video on Pinterest about how this woman makes her raised beds.  Instead of telling you about it, I’ll show you.

Frank set out to plant the potatoes a while back and I told him about the video.  He thought it was worth a shot and here’s what we have now.

The plan is, when the potatoes start growing we’ll keep adding tires with soil on top and the plants will keep growing up in a column.  We should end up with eight towers of potatoes.  Since we eat tons of taters in this house, I think that’s a good thing.

In other gardening news… I killed all of our tiny seedlings.  Sigh.  I do not have much of a green thumb yet and I forget to do things like water plants.  Oh well.  We have enough going on this summer with out a garden, I suppose.


2 Comments on “Farm Update”

  1. I know nothing about farming or planting vegetables (ok, ok I confess, I know nothing about gardening too) but when I see you guys over at your farm with all these wonderful projects going on and planting your own potatoes, my heart yearns to be out in the country on a farm working the soil! Thank you for letting us join in your wonderful adventures! It truly is bewitching!! HUGS, Sharon

    • Thank you so much Sharon. Your kind words are so very appreciated.

      Honestly, I know very little about gardening myself. I’m more of a flower bed gardener. Frank is by far the more farm-ish of the two of us. I keep learning more, and hold out that one day I’ll have a real life food garden that is productive and feeds us all kinds of delicious food. One day!!! 🙂

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