Making Labneh

Kevin made us an amazing Middle Eastern feast recently.  His meal included Labneh, Chicken Tagine, Salad-e Shirazi, and Rice Pilaf.  Everything turned out fantastic!  Since none of us have ever eaten Middle Eastern fare we couldn’t say that it was authentic, but we enjoyed it all the same.

Kevin has been on quite a mission lately.  All of this talk about sheep and sheep’s milk has sparked a dairy product interest in him (yay!).  He made his first ever yogurt and then decided to take the yogurt a step further and turned some into Labneh.  He followed these instructions and the results were fantastic.

I never would have thought to put mint, olive oil, and olives on cheese.. but it totally works.  It works really well.   The cheese was gone in no time.

The next cheese to be made is Neufchatel.  I’m going to try to convince him that it needs an entire French feast to go with it.   It’s important that the cheese be eaten in proper context… right?


6 Comments on “Making Labneh”

  1. Jenn says:

    Making cheese is fun and the results are generally fabulous! So glad to hear he’s taking an interest in creating such a wonderful food…and yes, I absolutely agree a full French feast is in order when he makes the Neufchatel. 🙂

    • I told Kevin we should have a French feast and he suggested french bread and french fries… not quite the feast I was planning on. Maybe I’ll be in charge of that feast. 😉

      Kevin’s plan is go move is way systematically up the cheese difficulty scale. Looking forward to all of the yummy cheesy goodness he makes. Life is better with cheese, you know?

  2. Dear Monika! I love all things Middle Eastern – the greatest love is of course my half Persian hubby! 😀 But oh my goodness, what a feast! Labneh & Salad-e-Shirazi!! Post more pix please! Many hugs, Sharon

    • Well, I hope your husband cooks for you often. My one taste of Middle Eastern food has got me wanting more! We usually do a big feast on Sunday evenings, maybe I’ll make it a regular part of the blog. We love our food around here, and we are awfully fond of traveling the globe with our meals. Thank you for the bloggy love. I’m glad to have ‘met’ you!

  3. That looks yummy!! My husband is from Turkey, with some arabic roots, so his mum’s cooking is amazing. I try my hand every now and then at simpler dishes, but actually I’ve never made any sort of cheese! About time perhaps?

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