The Weekend.

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We spent the first part of Saturday cheering on Kevin at his pre-marathon 10K.  He was the fastest runner there that day.  Good job Kevin!

The rest of our weekend was spent lying low and tending  to sick children.  I’m hoping that we’ve seen the last of that for a while.

Hoping your weekend was exactly what you needed it to be!



4 Comments on “The Weekend.”

  1. littlewool says:

    I agree. It doesn’t seem fair to get sick once the weather turns nice.
    Hope it all turned out okay.

  2. Wow, that is quite the feat in running, great for him! I hope the littles are feeling better. There is something about being sick in the heat that just makes it even worse!

    • It is quite the feat! He’s been training for his first marathon since January. June 3rd, Kevin is getting put to the test. His plan is to run 26.2 miles in 2:55. I can’t even imagine doing it. Maybe one day I’ll walk a marathon.

      The kids are doing much better thank you. It’s so hard when they are all limp and noodley in front of the TV for days. Thankfully we got a break from the heat. In the PNW, we get grey and rain often and ours came back just in time for a little illness. Now that the kids are better, the rain can leave! 😀

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