Coconut Oil For Your Skin

A few weeks ago Joni Rae at Tales of a Kitchen Witch had a giveaway on her facebook page for hitting a milestone.  She had giveaways every couple of hours and had lots of cool things to spoil her readers with.  I was lucky enough to win a copy of the e-book Coconut Oil For Your Skin by Hybrid Rasta Mom, Jennifer.

With all of the things going on here at the farm and finishing up the yurt, it took me a while to actually get down to the business of making up any of the recipes.  Once I got down to it, it was very simple.  Most of the ingredients were easy to find at my local store and I had quite a few of them on hand.

The first recipe I tried was the Shampoo for Brunettes (center).  It was really easy to make and smelled amazing! Unfortunately, it is not the shampoo for me.  My hair is very fine and anything that leaves weight on my hair makes it limp and without body.  The shampoo was very moisturizing and I suspect it will make a very good deep conditioning treatment for occasional use.  Naturally, someone with a different hair type might find this just the thing.  I’m crazy picky about shampoo, and haven’t found one yet that I love 100%.  (OK, I just woke up with a crazy head of very oily wildly curly hair.. think Medusa)  This definitely is not the shampoo for me, but I’m certain when I wash this out my hair will be very conditioned.

The next recipe I made was the lip balm.  That was a very quick and easy recipe and the lip balm is perfect.  I flavored mine with Vanilla and Tangerine Essential Oil and I could have used more, as I can barely smell or taste it.  I like the feel of the balm on my lips.  I’d say this recipe was a win and I’ll definitely make it again.  I think some vanilla lime lip balm sounds just right for summer.  All of the kids like the lip balm and want me to make more so this one was a big win at the house.

The  makeup remover was next on my list (tiny Patron bottle).    It took just a few minutes to make.   I have to say this was another win!  I like it better than my current method of sleeping in my make up and then trying to scrub it off in the morning shower.  It left my skin feeling moisturized and soft.

The last recipe I made was the Rejuvenating  Face Wash(large patron bottle – I swear this isn’t a party house).  Another simple recipe.  It was quick to make like the others.  I have to say that this was my favorite product.  My skin has been feeling a bit dry lately and this has fixed it right up.

I have enjoyed reading through the book, and learning some new uses for coconut oil.   I absolutely think that if you are interested in making your own personal care products that you would enjoy this book.  My list of recipes to try next is getting a little long.  One thing is for sure, I’m going to make some toothpaste soon.

I hope you are having a great week!


6 Comments on “Coconut Oil For Your Skin”

  1. Vanessa says:

    Oh, sounds like a very fun book! The perfect shampoo *is* one of the toughest things to find.

    • It is really fun. I’m getting set to make more recipes next week with it. There is even going to be a give away!!

      Shampoo is a funny thing. The one shampoo I like the results of, I don’t like the ingredients. Other shampoos, I like the ingredients… and I don’t like the results. I’m going to keep work on it. Eventually, I’ll find just the right shampoo.

  2. Ana says:

    This sounds good because I love the smell of coconut. Kind funny because it reminds me of when I started to use olive oil as moisturizer and felt I smelled like salad…

  3. barefootnmama says:

    oh, how fun!! Most people think I am brewing up spell when they come to my I have so many tinctures, strange looking teas, salves and remedies going most of the time:))

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