Marathon Day

At the starting line.

We spent the last weekend in Port Angeles, Washington for Kevin’s first marathon.  He ran an incredible race and met his goal time.  He’s already planning on running the Vancouver B.C. marathon next May, and planning to be much faster!  Way to go Kevin!

Those boys are proud of their dad!

Ever single guy at the front was poised with their fingers on their Garmin watches.

This biker rode the marathon course ahead of his wife leaving her love notes. ::melt::

Flower girl waiting for her Uncle “Kennin” to run by.

Mile 21, looking good!

Crossed the finish line at 2:55:30. He achieved the time he trained for AND got third place!

Chatting with the #2 marathoner.

Kevin’s first marathon hardware. Second in his age division. Way to go!


3 Comments on “Marathon Day”

  1. Go Kevin! He did great and recovered alot faster than I thought anybody could. I’m gonna start running now.

  2. Lora says:

    I am so proud of you! You look good in the pictures. That is a big accomplishment Kevin! WooHoo! Kevin is an awesome runner! (Great pictures Monika. Love the flower child and the boys with Kevin.)

  3. Ana says:

    oh, dad rocks! I went up the stairs at work today and was hyperventilating 😛

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