A new year, a blank slate.

I cannot believe that we are starting a New Year.  I swear just last month it was August, and just last week was Thanksgiving.  Where does all of that time go?

I’m not one to let a brand spanking new blank slate go by with out making some serious plans for it.  Every year starting at my birthday in early November, I start taking stock.  Looking at what I’ve accomplished, and where I am.  Looking at what I want to accomplish and what it will take to get there.  This goes on until the New Year.  By that time, I usually have a good idea of what it is that I’d like to accomplish in the coming year.

Things are no different this time around.

I’ve made to goals for the new year.  Some people call them resolutions and I think that’s a good word.  I resolve to do them.  I am resolute in accomplishing these goals.

Resolute is exactly how I’m feeling.

In the year 2013, I vow to accomplish these two things.

1.  Go back to school.  It’s taken me a very long time, and nearly half a lifetime to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  I’m ready to begin training for my new career, but not quiet ready to say what it is.  It’s a big step for me, one of the biggest I’ve ever made.  I’ve been a stay at home mom for nearly TWELVE YEARS, this is such a huge change for me.   I have the support of my family and a strong desire to get there.  I’ll share what I’m working towards when the time is right.  School starts mid July.

2.  I’ve also decied this is the year to get down into the Healthy BMI range.  Currently, I’m at a BMI of 29.4 which is just shy of being Obese by this calculator.  I’m happy to be where I am, as over the last few years I’ve lost 40 pounds.  It’s a big deal to lose that kind of weight, and I’m thrilled to have done it.  Looking forward to losing 27 pounds more.  The 27 pounds will just eek me into a healthy weight range, but I’ll take it.  Typically, I’m not someone that lives by charts and numbers but I remember weighing less.   I remember how amazing I felt.  Looking forward to getting back there.

Making the goal is the first step.  Setting your path and deciding to go for it is such an important part of a journey, but it won’t get you there.  I can’t tell you how many times this last week I’ve heard people say that they don’t make resolutions because they ‘don’t work’.

You know what?  They are right.  A resolution doesn’t work. Deciding to change yourself for the better will not change you.  Only daily work towards your change will change you.  Putting in effort and time, keeping your eyes on the prize and knowing that above all you deserve the outcome.  That does work.

You can make changes without making a resolution or a goal, but I think it’s harder.  There is something to proclaiming to the world (or at least to those that will listen) that you are moving on to bigger and better things.

Accountability is terribly important.  Having people know you are working towards something keeps you working.  It gives you that extra umph when you start to feel like wavering.

So there you have it.  My goals and aspirations for the year.  For all to see.  You know where I’m headed, and I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it a lot in the months to come.

What are you plans for your blank slate?  Any resolution makers out there want to fess up to what they are working towards?

Happy New Year to you.  May you enjoy great blessings throughout the year.


~Monika xoxo


4 Comments on “A new year, a blank slate.”

  1. andi s says:

    I too, love resolutions/goals. I love that once a year we take a day to make ourselves better people. In 2013, I resolve to eat more locally/healthfully (and lose 10 pounds in the process); finish one knitted project per month (that is, 12/year, not necessarily 1/month); finish six quilts or quilt projects; drive less/bike more for commuting; attend or participate in 4 cultural events

  2. Sounds like an exciting year ahead for you. I am resolving to lose some weight too and to get to bed earlier – lol

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