The Year of the Dogs


Java for some reason does not like the camera. It took a lot of bribing to get this picture. Blanca, on the other hand, seems to love everything.

On New Years Eve our family was blessed with the addition of two darling dogs.  Java and Blanca are six-year-old sibling Lab mixes.  Their owners are friends of ours that were moving out-of-state.   Unfortunately for our friends they were unable to find a home to rent in their new state that would allow them to have dogs.

We weren’t dog ready when we decided to take the dogs.  In a matter of two weeks we were able to get a fence in place to keep them safe.  Done over the Holidays, and mostly in the rain.  Luckily, I had all of the shopping done and we had already planned on having a low-key at home celebration (little did we know it would include digging post holes and such).

In the last week we’ve gotten to know them and are learning their individual personalities.  Admittedly, I’m a cat person through and through so adjusting to dogs has been a bit challenging for me.  I’m not used to all of the attention that dogs bestow on their owners.    They have so much love to give.

What we’ve learned from being dog owners for one week:

  • The sofa is the most desired spot to sit in the yurt.
  • A bowl of kibble can disappear in seconds.
  • Kisses are always available to us, even if we’ve just received a bunch.
  • An hour-long grooming session is not long enough, if you ask these two.
  • Food is not safe unless it’s high up.
  • Chickens are not safe, even if they are on the other side of the fence.
  • Bringing home dogs that are house trained is the best idea EVER!

The entire family is over the moon about our new family members.  The boys make sure to play with them outside when they get home from school and Bodhi includes them in her plastic pony adventures.  Frank has buddies to roam around the farm with.  He’s been wanting a donkey to follow him everywhere, but I think that the dogs might work until he gets one.  I’ve got some good friends that help me keep an eye on things here.  I’m surprised at the peace of mind that they have afforded me.  I dare say that I might be becoming a dog person, even!

It’s been all dog all the time at our place lately.  I love it.

~Monika xoxo


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